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To be eligible for consideration, organizations must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a manufacturing trade association representing manufacturers in the United States (501 c6)
  • Have an office in the United States
  • Have a minimum of 15 employees working in the United States*
  • Must be in business a minimum of 1 year

* To ensure credibility, organizations having 15-24 employees must have an 80% or better response rate on the employee survey in order to be considered for the list. Temporary, per diem, PRN, seasonal, 1099 employees, independent contractors, non-employee real estate agents, consultants, interns and volunteers are not counted in the number of employees or included in the survey process.  For staffing organizations, employees who are placed with other organizations are not eligible.
* Unfortunately, surveying organizations with less than 15 employees would not produce the levels of statistical credibility needed to be included in the overall ranking process. For a program of this nature, we have to make sure that the data we are using to compare organizations has the highest reliability possible. Does your organization have between 5-14 employees?

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